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Best Interpreting and Translation in Lynchburg

Are you in need of a reliable and expert Spanish interpreter locally in Lynchburg? If so, Cacerez Interpreting is the answer to all of your needs! As a ...

Trusted Local Interpreters to Help You

Cacerez Interpreting is proud to be a Latino and female-owned business in Lynchburg. Our owners, a husband-and-wife team, have a diverse background in ...

Expertise in Healthcare and Education Lingo

Patients can arrive for an appointment feeling anxious and uncertain about their visit. Cacerez Interpreting is here to make sure that a language barrier ...

Our Story

A Passion for Bridging Cultures and Languages

At Cacerez Interpreting, we're more than just a business; we're a close-knit family dedicated to fostering understanding and connection within our diverse community. Founded in March 2018, we are a small, family-owned endeavor led by a woman with a strong educational background and a Latino (native speaker). Together, we form a husband-and-wife team of Spanish interpreters who share a deep love for the vibrant tapestry of Hispanics hailing from different countries and backgrounds.

Prior to our official establishment, we were passionate about removing barriers to meaningful communication. Today, we proudly extend our reach with a dedicated team of skilled subcontractors who share our commitment to excellence.

Specializing in both medical and educational settings, we bring our expertise to the forefront, ensuring that every interaction is precise, empathetic, and culturally sensitive. Beyond interpretation, we offer document translation services from English to Spanish, utilizing standard translation methods or cutting-edge MTPE (hybrid) translation techniques.

Cacerez Interpreting is not just a business; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to bridging languages, cultures, and hearts.


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